Saturday 13 February 2016

Duolingo launches new beta Welsh Language for English speakers

Croeso! Helo, bore da, prynhawn da, nos da,

Duolingo now offers Welsh as a language to learn, for English speakers.

I've only had one intention of learning Welsh. There was a biology teacher who I found to be very inspiring. Biology was one of my favourite sciences and I like the human biology stuff which she seemed to be rather fond of. So this teacher had a terrific Welsh accent and was generally a great lady. I persuaded her to try and teach us some Welsh, which she did for a while. However I wasn't quite so fond of her when she decided to tell my mother I wasn't good enough in her class and a terrible student. It was mainly for the intense bullying that I didn't enjoy the classes so much, as it involved a lot of group work. I ended up studying the subject mostly by myself. (I got an A in the end, beat that Mrs R!)

Hwyl :)

Monday 18 January 2016

Many, many things

At least three times a week I think about subjects that would make a good blog post. I never tend to write them down unfortunately. I don't think I will be able to keep up regular updates for more than two months, but then again, perhaps that makes this blog very much akin to my nature. One project, then another, then another, and the piles on the desk crush the ceiling once more. A nice little paper tree, gliding along the pipes and fluttering loose leaves.

Lets try bullet points.

  • Went to Poland. That was really, really good.
  • Back home. Bit of the usual drama.
  • Went to the library yesterday, started reading again.
  • Have a 27k novel so far, good feedback, maybe there's hope
  • TEFL course seems like a good idea
  • Lots of fear.
  • Bonded very well with my rabbit.
  • Getting my cousin and brother through season 3. They haven't seen the red wedding yet.
  • New business phone.
  • Hard to understand what I can and can't do.
  • Would like to start cycling again.
  • Been working on Ancia quite a lot lately.
  • A small bit of drawing and painting.
  • More new music.
  • Learnt new recipe.
  • Trying to learn to deal with loss.
  • Explored faith and personal views.
  • Met with some friends, made strong effort to socialise more.
  • Going to bed far too late in the day
  • Have forgot a lot of my BSL, wasn't helpful when talking to someone recently
  • Been learning French and a little Mandarin Chinese
  • Feeling a bit lost, but shall try to break the cycle

Tuesday 24 November 2015


Even today, you are never forgotten.
You have been in thoughts and dreams,
regrets and wishes.
I hope one day we will be able to get back in touch. I just want to see how you are, talk like we used to, think of silly projects and share music. You always had the better taste of music though.
I don't want to argue or bring up the past. Especially not right now. You were a very close friend to me and I am still hurting. I thought by giving you the one chance to say something... It'd help me move on when I knew you'd refuse. I deleted your phone number. Most of the things we shared are gone. But that hasn't helped me at all. I miss you.
I just want to say hello. I just want to talk. Nothing serious. I want to you to know I'm still there for you. That the piano is too quiet without you. That I never opened a pack of cards I brought because it reminds me too much of you.
I want to share what has happened in my life. The good bits and the bad. Most of which I haven't bothered to share in this blog.
I want to know what has happened in your life. Again, the good and the bad. I want to know if there is anything I can do to support you or if there is anything we could talk about now and again... When we have the energy and the motivation.
I don't need instant communication. But a letter, an e-mail, some kind of message to confirm that one day we could get back in touch again.
It would be nice.

A discord of a friend.

Monday 23 November 2015

Yet another new project

I have always wanted to make a comic so I thought I'd experiment a little bit. Introducing 'Azura', an historical fantasy romance drama. Yup...

This is meant to be a short comic hahaha
Which I am hoping to one day complete hehehe
I have a vague storyline in mind but is also restricted to the quality of my drawing, which evidently, is quite weak.

On one hand it is about Azura exploring the possible directions her life could have gone in. If that's anything to go by...

... But either way you should totally check out my efforts.

Interfaith opinions

In some forms of painting
you don't blend the colours
so every stroke is vibrant
and unique.
In some forms of painting
you don't blend the colours
yet together every stroke
makes an image that is whole.
Interfaith brings forth one artist
with a palette of many colours
of blues of reds of yellows
that sing solo notes
on solo strings
on one harp
to make a single masterpiece.
You don't blend the colours
the colours remain separate
but nevertheless are in harmony.

Saturday 21 November 2015

Jacket Potatoes

I have slowly become a little addicted to jacket potatoes.
I had an excellent conference call recently with freelance writers and journalists.
Feeling slightly more confident in pitching. Will have to give it a proper go.

Sunday 8 November 2015

The don't do list

My younger self would hate such a list. But I feel I need to start making a list of things I simply will no longer do as a rule. Here's a draft.

  • Be far less open to most people. Trying to be an open person simply has not worked. The effort, the vulnerability, etc, is completely not worth the little gain, if any. Hiding things does not help either, so when I need to express things I'll use art instead of communicating.
  • This includes expressing opinion. It's damn hard for me to do anyway and when I do the consequences are really negative.
  • Start removing certain people from my life. If they are negative in my life or simply don't make any effort to talk to me, why should I allow them to keep in touch through social media?
  • Don't talk to DelimHar. Ever. It's just not worth the hassle.