Friday 28 December 2012


A childhood game my brother and I used to play often and still do, was the List Game. (Otherwise known as Name Game.) That was when we took it in turns to name something in a specific category, and whoever ran out of things first is the loser. Naming countries is quite a favourite.

My brother and I are very competitive, and we tend to last quite a while until one of us gives up, usually my brother. Just kidding! Afterwards, we'd usually check the world map, and see what countries we'd missed. Always, there'd be a name unrecognised. Burkina Faso, Angola, Suriname. It's occurred to me recently that my Geographical and Historical history is actually quite poor., b

Heck, I'm from the UK and I don't even know all the countries that are part of the Commonwealth.

(And yes, I'm cringing at that statement too.)

So I've decided to spin the globe once in a while, and write something interesting about that country. We could all wikipedia a name and find out numbers and dates and things that might be a bit sketchy, but I hope to research at least one interesting fact about each country. Technically, that's 196 future posts if you count Taiwan. (Which I do!)

It can't be called 'Travel writing', but each new entry will be under the 'Profiles' page.

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